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Why Choose a Dedicated Dev Shop vs. In-House Developers?

Should you invest in in-house developers or partner with a dedicated development shop? What’s the difference between the two? Like most decisions in software, the answer to these questions is often: 'It depends.'

Robert Connolly

Why we do Extreme Programming, not Scrum

Wouldn't it just make more sense to put our faith behind an existing, cohesive, well-vetted methodology invented and refined - in theory and in practice - by some of the most respected names in the history of software development?

Michael Harris

On Working with Clients

Bamboo takes an ultra-lean approach when working with clients, focused on bringing exceptional value without the bloat of traditional software firms.

Michael Harris

On Building Software

Maximizing value... the 80/20 principle... whatever you want to call it... Bamboo prefers a pragmatic approach to building software for clients: software is a tool for the client's business, not the end-goal in itself (even for software companies!).

Michael Harris

On Hiring

The great developer can accomplish the same thing (and likely still with even better quality) in 10-20% of the time required by the good developer. This scenario is common. The business obviously benefits.

Michael Harris

Software should grow like babies

We put love into everything we do for our clients, because every project is unique, and every project is special.

Michael Harris